Press Reviews

            “Daniel Brevik, a bass-baritone, was particularly impressive with a sonorous voice that made him sound a bit like a young Blythe, and a build and manner so perfectly evocative of Hemingway.”

                           The Washington Post

          “Daniel Brevik’s imposing bass-baritone could rattle the rafters one moment and be lullingly conversational the next.”

                                                               Opera Today

"Baritone DANIEL BREVIK, [was] the best singer of the lot, performing Schubert's "Gruppe aus dem Tartarus"

                                                                Opera News


         "One of the largest steps into mastery that young singers need to take is the one from being a singer who is acting a character to a singer who can actually be the character. The one performer who stood head and shoulders (both literally and figuratively) above the others in this regard was bass-baritone Daniel Brevik as Hel Helson. Of all the characters in the work, Helson has the longest developmental trajectory; yet he spends most of it either standing and watching or sitting and brooding, both in silence. When he does sing, it is generally short, powerful phrases full of simple and forceful emotion. Brevik did a wonderful job of standing, sitting, being silent, and especially singing, all with the acting skills of someone who truly inhabits his character, as well as a magnificently ringing voice. It would not be surprising if, a decade or so from now, this artist appears on stages as a painfully tragic Wotan or a woefully lecherous Ochs von Lerchenau."

                         Boston Music Intelligencer


"In sheer, vocal terms, Daniel Brevik, as Don Pedro, the mayor of Lima, was the real standout. His is a world-class voice, a massive, focused baritone with a rich, warm timbre. He can look forward to a major career in opera."

                                                               EDGE Boston


          "The sheer vocal power of Danies Brevik’s performance as the Viceroy’s henchman, Don Pedro, was perhaps most impressive"

                Boston Music Intelligencer 




          “Daniel Brevik, baritone, projected a booming and vibrant voice in his [solo]. This work, hardly a serenade in the usual sense, was a thrilling treat.”

                  Boston Music Intelligencer






Cover of Opera News June 2014

Daniel Brevik, Elizabeth Futral, Stephanie Blythe

Theo Lebow, Tobias Greenhalgh

New York City Center 

Theo Lebow, Tobias Greenhalgh, Stephanie Blythe, Daniel Brevik

"27" World Premiere June 2014


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